Everything you need to know about Green Mountains!


Green Mountains is responsible for erecting the first contaminated water treatment system in Abu Dhabi, and continues to operate the plant, reflecting the company’s visionary leadership and sustainable practices.

We own specialty plants for Oil Contaminated Water Treatment and Chemical Contaminated Water Treatment. Our operations are approved by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and are continuous at 24 hours/7 days per week. We also provide a mobile decanter machine on a rental basis for processing sludge on site.

Our experts can provide specialist advice to effectively manage your risk on site regarding volumes, types of waste and approved treatment methods.

We also provide a range of bio-solids management consulting services for local authorities, councils and private wastewater treatment operators.

We have the proven ability to provide the following hazardous liquid waste treatment services at ISO standards: acid waste, caustic waste, contaminated storm water, grease trap waste, oily water and sludge, septic waste, solvents and trade waste.

Vertical integration of contaminated and hazardous chemical waste means that we provide a comprehensive solution to safely pack, transfer, treat and store dangerous waste in a manner that complies with local regulations.

Oily Water Contamination treatment includes sludge, sewage, used oils and coolants, and liquid waste from industrial or municipal sources.
Our plant process uses Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology from Germany.
Oil Contaminated Waste Water Process:
Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)
Grit Washing Plant
Screw Press
Micro Strainer RO9
RO unit

Our  portable decanter centrifuge system is mounted on a trailer with system controls and anciliary equipment such as polymer dose unit, feed pumps and conveyor belt system for dewatering sludge.


This system is suitable for organics, minerals, oily and food sludge.

Chemical Contaminated Water treatment uses the most up-to-date neutralization processing technologies to treat the chemical and physical properties of this liquid and hazardous waste, allowing water to be reused or safely discharged to the sewer system.

Our sludge management capabilities cover: sludge surveying, collection, processing, air drying and stockpiling.
We dependably and professionally vacuum, pump, and transport liquid waste and sludge in a process that eliminates odors and safety problems.

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